Thursday, 3 August 2017

Steamed Wholemeal

Never have been so honest like this.
Made clear that I am not bounded to such kind of loyalty, but am deeply in a stage in which, it seems so impossible for me to turn to the other sides.

Yesterday was a thrill in conversation. Never thought that such kind of interrogation can be so serious that it gets me sounds so shaky.

Again I am in a state of denial, though what others told me already make me think more than twice about what the heck that u particularly want from me until u need to ask so many deadly questions? Why is it so important to understand why I choose to be like this and that, why I choose to put these kinda rules and regulations for myself, what are my criterias of this and many things, and

And why, on top of everything....
Why do u think u can, or have to deny the things that I can sense and experience and indulge in better that you do? It is about what I feel my dear, and what I choose to feel.

Why do we have to be in such great disputes over this matter?

Why do u care?

I am wholeheartedly into what I admit as special. And that is already a superbly frank confession which I usually can't say it out loud. But then why u dont wanna accept that?

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