Saturday, 5 August 2017

Muskurane ki Wajah

Sepanjang perjalanan balik dari kerja setiap hari, there are two things yg tak pernah membosankan.

Driving alongside pengkalan udara sg.besi. Seluas2 pemandangan, yang hujungnya nampak sayup2 bangunan tinggi kl city. Sambil layan OST citylight yg asyik diulang2 tu.

Entering into Alam Damai, dari jauh akan sayup2 menung ke arah bukit besi. Further into the neighborhood, alongside bukit yg jadi tapak perumahan. Kalau bukan sebab ada rasa malu, I will just call someone and ask if I can go up there. Because the view up there is so relaxing. For sure he will say yes. Tapi tulah, malu.

And today, for the 3rd week, I get my weekly boost to smile. Dari jauh, dari tepi... If I suddenly call and ask dah makan ke belum, surely there will be a u-turn at that traffic light kan... Haha... Over confident. 😝

I am missing the expensive soft side, which was truely surprising, and stress relieving 😀

Moga dalam pemeliharaan Allah sentiasa.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Steamed Wholemeal

Never have been so honest like this.
Made clear that I am not bounded to such kind of loyalty, but am deeply in a stage in which, it seems so impossible for me to turn to the other sides.

Yesterday was a thrill in conversation. Never thought that such kind of interrogation can be so serious that it gets me sounds so shaky.

Again I am in a state of denial, though what others told me already make me think more than twice about what the heck that u particularly want from me until u need to ask so many deadly questions? Why is it so important to understand why I choose to be like this and that, why I choose to put these kinda rules and regulations for myself, what are my criterias of this and many things, and

And why, on top of everything....
Why do u think u can, or have to deny the things that I can sense and experience and indulge in better that you do? It is about what I feel my dear, and what I choose to feel.

Why do we have to be in such great disputes over this matter?

Why do u care?

I am wholeheartedly into what I admit as special. And that is already a superbly frank confession which I usually can't say it out loud. But then why u dont wanna accept that?