Tuesday, 27 June 2017


I thought I knew the phase that person is in now, as the conversation went on.... I could read what was his concern.

As he was the one who initiated every single topics.
We talked about young Muslim guy who doesn't pray.
Young Muslim man who is successful in career, but for so many years have been giving in their life to the so-called social demands to the extent of drinking beer, wine, etc.

End of it, I received his card.... a Project Manager at the age of 32, working in a civil works construction company.

Then he reached out his hands, offering a hand-shake.

"I never give a chance to myself, for such lecture. Thank u for being honest"


"Then honestly, I dont shake hands with guys bro"

Three people who were listening while enjoying their cendol asked "How?"

I said No.
He said Yes. *mataterbeliak*

"Kak, muktamad?"
"I believe we both have no time for uncertainties. So.... Yes, muktamad."

Well, that's just a little bit of 'fun' on our last day before Ramadhan came in.

Entah apa rencana Tuhan... bila akhir2 ini, kerap sangat jumpa dan kenal dgn manusia yg betah dgn sikap dan kebiasaan yg dulu kita rasa macam di luar batasan yg boleh diterima akal. Tapi peliknya, they are so honest about who they are and what they do, and are quite open to accept criticism.

Dunia ini benar2 tempat ujian.

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