Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sifu SHH

"I know you're badly affected by the situation now. That's why I think it is best for me to leave.
Dan I harap u tak terburu2 to make the same move, just because of me, and what's happening. Give yourself a chance, and give them a chance too. Kadang2 kita perlu try utk faham dan bertimbangrasa dgn 'dia' "

After all the shits he has done to you,  masih lagi kau mampu nasihatkan org lain utk kekal hormat dan bg peluang pada dia.

You really have my respect.
And I surely gonna miss u

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Nasi Ulam 😁

Kalau ada pagar yang hampir roboh, jangan kau terus gopoh menceroboh.
Sementara kau memandang dalam batas kesopanan dan melihat dalam batas keizinan, usahakanlah memagari semula.


Of all the differences, we agreed to see and listen more in order to give way to a meaningful purpose.

Tapi, pengalaman cukup mengajar... Bersederhanalah dalam merancang. Berpada2lah dalam merealisasikan niat2 yg baik.

Jom Al-Mulk 😉

Sunday, 8 January 2017


"I don't think you are good in handling a person who is rough, sensitive, hot-tempered, stubborn or can be easily summarized as complicated"


I know it's not a nice way to start a conversation, during the first catch-up session after quite a long time.

But just a moment before it ended, I finally got the answer, very close to what I want to hear.

Bravo. I am convinced, for now.....hopefully not for nothing.