Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thank you for torturing my mind. Thank you for making it obvious and well noticed that not everyone will share the pride and happiness to see our well being.
Thank you for reminding me that everyone regardless of what relationship they have with us, may turns to people who are not satisfied with our satisfaction.
So sad,
What ppl see is only, 'umur blum 30 dh dpt gaji best, da pakai honda city, dh merasa pegi vacation oversea'
Sadly they dont see the part
'umur 13 thn ayah dah sakit xbleh keje while they still get the chance of pegi keje ayah hantar, makan kt luar ayah blnje, pegi bercuti ayah sponsor until the age of 30'
And they hardly see how the 1k salary of their time are equal to or far more than 3k of our time. While they spend their 1k more on makeups, fancy clothes, outside dinner and lepakings, they dont see how youth of our time are very careful and particular not to waste a single cent especially while we are the one who contribute to pay the bills and expenses of our parents, not to mention, to provide a comfy car to drive your sick father with his wheelchair.
Kalau fikir nak simpan duit n kaya sorang2, ak duduk sewa kt flat tepi lrt station hr2 naik lrt je weh.
Bukanlah nak mengungkit. Tapi hati dah sakit bro.