Sunday, 27 December 2015

May Allah Bless You

Kita pandang dengan mata hati yang berbeza.

Satu demi satu doa yang sekadar terlintas di dalam hati, Dia makbulkan...Dia tunjukkan jalan. Alhamdulillah.  :-)


Saya tak pernah mengira entah berapa kali terbit dalam hati, "May Allah bless you"
Cuma belum sempat terlafaz...but I mean it.

When you see things, I hope to know and understand the way you see them. When you speak your positive mind, I hope you'll get and see something more, beyond your positivity. :-)

Semoga hanya kerana Allah, saya menyayangi...semoga kita semua terpilih untuk lebih menghargai, sambil mengenali Dia.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Lorry

I hate it when I was about to go and suddenly have the desire to stop moving and turn back, and stay a bit longer just to see from behind...

I hate it when I realize what really is the reason behind me being there when no one is willing to be around...

And the moment I realize that the stop and the pause, will do nothing other than just to prolong the inappropriate feelings...

I was trapped. Then I just press the pedal quite harder and...yes, there's no point to turn back...

Aku amat faham dgn kelemahan yg satu ni...dan aku amat faham dr mana datangnya.

Cuma, makin hari makin terasa....tak mampu bertahan.