Sunday, 7 August 2011

"لو كان بيننا"

*bukan karya saya*

If the beloved were among us
Those from far and near
will come to him
Hoping to see the sun of goodness before it sets be near him

In his company
the soul feels great
If he prays, Allah will surely answer
The light of Taha will not cease to exist
Oh YOU who answers the prayers
please fulfill our hope to meet him

I am willing to sacrifice my life for you
oh beloved
Muhammad, honor of strangers
In your company
the soul feels great
Ya rahmatan lil-'alamin =)

Selalu rasa lagu ni sedap tp faham liriknya tak sampai 20%. Alhamdulillah dah jumpa translation =)
Muhammad bin Abdullah..salawat wa salamun 'alaika =)

*selamat menyambung ibadah puasa hari ke-7 dan seterusnya*

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