Wednesday, 15 September 2010


There are really thingSSs to be unattached from me..I'm becoming so massive these days thinking about all those things...thus feeling so unwillingly being sucked down into craziness.
Hah! mau terkeluar semua bahasa paling kasar...
Aduhai...raya2 ni, bkn ke sy da janji utk relax...baru sje mengadu risau pada seorang kawan tentang hilangnya 'jejak' yg satu tu...bila 'jejak' tu muncul balik, tbe2 je rse mcm nak campak handphone!!

Haishhh...seryesly kali ni mcm tak bertempat plak bengangnye...sabar sri..sabar...
Macam mane plak yg konon2nye 'kebetulan' tu bleh terjadi mlm ni, when it was totally unexpected and unwanted! I've been waiting for long...but it didn't happen the way i hoped. So YOU better don't ever try to make it happen again..please...

YOU, I am very much into something to prove you so many things! This may sounds a bit arrogant but I'm tired of such feeling that you are always very much better than me! Now, I'm saying this,

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