Saturday, 7 August 2010

WHISPER-the interpretation

but this is what I found in my googling session to know about the hidden meaning behind the song, especially the verses towards the ending of the song

WHISPER by Evanescence.

This is the full lyrics.

Catch me as I fall
Say you're here and it's all over now
Speaking to the atmosphere
No one's here and I fall into myself
This truth drives me
Into madness
I know I can stop the pain
If I will it all away
if i will it all away

Don't turn away
(Don't give in to the pain)
Don't try to hide
(Though they're screaming your name)
Don't close your eyes
(God knows what lies behind them)
Don't turn out the light
(Never sleep never die)

I'm frightened by what I see
But somehow I know
That there's much more to come
Immobilized by my fear
And soon to be
Blinded by tears
I can stop the pain
If I will it all away


Fallen angels at my feet
Whispered voices at my ear
Death before my eyes
Lying next to me I fear
She beckons me
Shall I give in
Upon my end shall I begin
Forsaking all I've fallen for
I rise to meet the end

[Chorus x3]
Servatis a periculum.
Servatis a maleficum

...And these are some of the interpretations that I'd came across...

"when Jesus is on the cross, God has to abandon him so that he can take on the sin of the world. Jesus cries out "My God why have you forsaken me?" That's the "speaking to the atmosphere no one's here and I fall into myself" certainly the pain must have been incredible ... etc. When Christ descends into hell, that's the "fallen angels at my feet" etc. Anyway, if you think about it this way, it's a very humanizing way to think about how Jesus must have felt, with pain and fear."

And the Latin part:
Servatis a periculum.
Servatis a maleficum.

which means:
"save yourself from danger, save yourself from evil"

Urghh...sungguh scary...lagu yg sy suka ni rupa2nya cerita psl Jesus...n of coz bukan dr persepsi Muslim.

Langkah selamat: dengar lagu melayu jela lepas ni....:-(

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Jackal de Howling Wolf said...

uiiihhh..x sangko den my little ustazah bleh layan lg lagu nie..sobona eyh den suko bona kat suare amy lee..lomak berkrim disukai ramai..lagu whisper ni ditulis oleh Ben Moody,former guitaris Evanescence.Ben ni mmg terkenal dgn lirik lagu kearah yg mcm tu. kalau x, xkn la amy lee smpi kuar statement "Can we please skip the Christian thing? I'm so over it. It's the lamest thing. I never wanted to be associated with it. It was a Ben thing. It's over. It's a new day." so pekate my little ustazah wat lirik lagu hantar kat amy lee..mana tau die bekenan..hehehe