Sunday, 25 July 2010


I closed my eyes last night in darkness...

and today I wake up
witnessing the beautiful early stripes of light from the sun
on this sunny Sunday
For a moment I'm glad as I do feel like thanking HIM for this another one day for me

hmm...pretty blessed..still thinking about the Prime Merlinean??
well, it's so unexpected to watch some humor scenes in The Sorcerer's Apprentice...but I did enjoyed it.

And today I wake up normally, (thankful for not having any inordinate changes)
so I glare thoughtlessly at the window...
and the thoughtless mind suddenly filled with these reminders:
1)new materials
2)lab presentation
3)e&m pre-thesis

okay, this is to prove that i am an ordinary human...
so this sunny Sunday will be spent indoors, better said in front of this laptop screen....again...
(what is it too special about sunny day in Malaysia anyway?)

definitely no shopping...
(the cooking part will be cut into short as well...)
at least I'd enjoyed one movie last that should be enough for this weekend.

Let's finish the tasks....

Sri, please stop with the bla,bla,bla things....stop babbling, keep your gratitude...say thanks to lecturers for these educational stuffs.

~sunny Sunday....urghhh~

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