Saturday, 17 July 2010


Tau tak how much pleasure I gain by reading???
hahha...sungguh skema bunyiknye...but reading does help a lot in some not-so-good conditions.

Oh, it's either my case
reading as an escapism from emptiness or emptiness gives me space to read.

Lately I am somehow so intense with fictions...mcm budak2 yg baru nak kenal novel...glancing years back when I was in my lower-secondary, reading 'was' my passion. And suddenly, somehow, i was..urm..kinda distracted with the overwhelming excitement of....hurm...something new in my life...

and that 'new' thing is it left me confused, immobilized by the sorrow...really, it was that terrible! but i'm now super-duper fine!
and the good thing is, I started to seek for any passion that I used to have before...and 'reading' is the answer.

Surprisingly, all the book-authors are successfully helping me in creating a world of imagination...leaving all the useless thoughts outside the book covers..the thoughts of drowning any deeper in sadness...stop it!
By reading, I start to notice so many parts of life I'd never well as parts that I'd forgotten for a long time. Urm...that's pretty.. it's time to get some light fun to make me feel buoyant...

And I'm now so childishly driven away by the words of descriptions and comparisons in my reading...that it leads to a wanted ignorance about so many things....(^_-)

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