Sunday, 30 May 2010


Get out of my way please...
kalo cite bnde btul pun bkn nk dnga..
x habis2 nak kuar ayat2 spekulasi tu...
So, kalo xnak tau cite sbnar, i don't need ur help to spread any news okeh?
Hello, I still have my pride...xyah nak serang buat cite xbtul dpn org...

You thought something had happened when it was actually nothing and I was so confused with your I told myself, maybe it was 'really' something. But it wasn't..really, it wasn't. You spread your wrong thoughts and I was too confused to deny them then I just kept my mouth shut!
Look, u never asked me...u never allow any of my explanations to clarify anything!

u aaa...mulut manyak JAHAT tau x????

Come on, this matter is not only about myself. You brought someone else into this and both of us were madly confused! Poor him...poor me!

You young lady! Xyah la sibuk hal org lagi!

And when both of us decided not to let any of your thoughts become 'real', there u are young lady, irritating..annoying...

Since the very first time I tried to go against your thoughts, what did u say?
"eleh..blah la..xnak ngaku lak"

look how much you are distracting me young lady!

Nothing much that I wanna ask...just pleassseee....SHUT UP!!!

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s h a h i d a h said...

uhh! shut up?! nape ni?? ade prob ehh..em,papepun sabarlah je..