Sunday, 30 May 2010

3 colours...the DIARY

2003: dreams, azan..

2004: illness, competition, Dewan Perdana Felda

2005: the friendship! emails, poems...inspiration

2006: -journals, the comeback, the groups
-white, dehydration, of kicks and punches
-all in white! of GOLD and GLORY!!! the rings, sujud, the ice, medals, poses...smiles..:-)

March 2007: white and green, long hair, coconut tree, school, award, hall, stage

August 2008: 1234,70..the towers, lab, jeans, birthday wish n song, advice, sofa, waters, threads, jacket

Nov 2008: MUET, the help

Jan 2009: the fight!

March 2009: stairs, MILO, office, lead

April 2009: EVERYTHING! apology and forgiveness, stairs, office, burgers, bubble tea, books, and the farewell...

August 2009: -library, books, plates
-the phone call, the flight

October 2009: the ONE MONTH

Nov 2009: green shirt, fruit stall, blur, hidden, highway..

Dec 2009: the invitation, the feast, the event, the cooks, of black and white, punching bag, pillow

Jan-May 2009: !@#$%^&*(>>>>>>>>>>........;'[],./<>!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@@#$%^&&^%$#$%^?;"[]**************


Get out of my way please...
kalo cite bnde btul pun bkn nk dnga..
x habis2 nak kuar ayat2 spekulasi tu...
So, kalo xnak tau cite sbnar, i don't need ur help to spread any news okeh?
Hello, I still have my pride...xyah nak serang buat cite xbtul dpn org...

You thought something had happened when it was actually nothing and I was so confused with your I told myself, maybe it was 'really' something. But it wasn't..really, it wasn't. You spread your wrong thoughts and I was too confused to deny them then I just kept my mouth shut!
Look, u never asked me...u never allow any of my explanations to clarify anything!

u aaa...mulut manyak JAHAT tau x????

Come on, this matter is not only about myself. You brought someone else into this and both of us were madly confused! Poor him...poor me!

You young lady! Xyah la sibuk hal org lagi!

And when both of us decided not to let any of your thoughts become 'real', there u are young lady, irritating..annoying...

Since the very first time I tried to go against your thoughts, what did u say?
"eleh..blah la..xnak ngaku lak"

look how much you are distracting me young lady!

Nothing much that I wanna ask...just pleassseee....SHUT UP!!!

Friday, 28 May 2010

I'll live MY LIFE

People somehow know about the sadness
They sometimes see me crying
They thought I'm weak..Maybe I am...
But the weakness guides me to reach a strong will of living my life.

I'll live it my way...I'll take it as a lesson...
I know I've tried my best to make it special and beneficial...
I've tried my best not to make it something just for fun...
And I've reached the point where there was nothing else I can do except to give myself a way out!
And I'm walking out straight...

It's was nobody's fault...
But there's just no way to go further...
And the differences, distance...they matter.
I can't simply do everything others did.
I'm just myself...not someone else...
So I'm giving up...because somehow I realize.
It demands me to change!

So let us just give it a stop!

I have Allah
I have my family...
...and I'll live my life...I'll live it my way...