Thursday, 22 April 2010

CHILL~~ :-) ^_^

Is Sri Sazila ok tonight?

Sudah3...let it go's a very long time for me to figure out what i really want about this..let's be a good friend to each other..I know very well that I'm too timid to go further into this matter. Sometimes I want it so much but I really2 don't have the gut. I cried a little bit while explaining just now..I realized how much pain was there when I tried to go against my desire. Though, it wasn't a clear explanation. I was still...erm..hiding something.

Well, exceeding one year...don't expect that I feel nothing. For almost two years we're like magnets! It was, so hard to let go off each other...and I'm always afraid to make a single step closer but somehow it happened! YOU made it! Is it something to regret??
Hmm...ntah...sometimes i feel blessed with it. For me having a friend who always care. Hurm..thanks! But sometimes it hurts kan? Because, i want it but i don't..complicated huh?

I just don't really feel like keeping it going...let me list down the reasons:

1) Simply because it's against what I'm trying to stick with
2) Well, someone else is better 4 this(i hope intuition isn't this strong..but the clues are obvious!)
3) I don't know for how long it will last..
4) Urm..wanna stop myself from drowning..deeper and deeper..
5) We haven't know our goals clearly
6) Need to stabilize other aspects of, study, study...bla..bla..bla...
7) I'm afraid if this is just for us to have fun w/o thinking about responsibilities...

So, chill~~
I'm still young.
Sorry for hiding it too long but i jz don't get the point of telling u this...

Allah knows better...let us obey HIS decision for all of us, okeh?

seronok ketawa mendengar 'cerita' ptg td...nasib baik cuma dlm fon..kalau face to face, rsenye mmg akan sgt obvious yg ketawa tu sgt3 plastik! and the smiles were sooo FAKE!
but i'm now ok...:-)

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